Github + Panic Statusboard

Github Integration with Panic Statusboard

A couple of days ago I integrated Github with Panic Statusboard to make a Github dashboard. This will enable teams and individuals to get an instant visual overview of their Github status and Github issues for one or more projects. So far the following counts, tables, and graphs are finished…

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GoSquared Analytics Globe View from Space

Visitors from Space

If it weren’t good enough that GoSquared Analytics have one of the best web interfaces on the planet, they also let you view your website visitors from the viewpoint of space and they do it in realtime. What's more, they even do this for their free customers. With the…

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What a DDOS Attack Looks like

Interesting video of a DDOS attack against Videolan, makers of Video player VLC. The video was captured by Lostalgia, a website access log visualization tool. The attack happened on 23rd April 2013. Read the original article. …

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GoSquared plus StatusBoard

GoSquared Analytics: My First 24 Hours

Yesterday, web analytics company, GoSquared, announced integration of their service with Panic's new Status Board app. I was immediately taken with how good-looking the screenshots were and so I headed over to their site to check them out. After doing some research, I signed up and took advantage of their…

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Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator Plugin for Wordpress

This article provides instructions for using the Google Authenticator Plugin for Wordpress which will help to protect you from the giant botnet which is currently molesting Wordpress sites everywhere. In conjunction with a companion mobile app, the Wordpress plugin adds multi-factor authentication to your Wordpress site. Following installation and setup…

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